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Frequently Asked Questions

General Rental Questions

The All Inclusive rental of White Willow Meadows comes with a built-in day of coordinator as well as a standard clean up package. This coordinator will act as your in-house planner once you book, will review your vendor contracts, help create your floorplan, create your master timeline, and more. Your day of coordinator will be there to set up all your items rented through us (ex: linens) and keep the day running smoothly for you. With the cleanup that is built in, we will take care of all the items we provide, the tables and chairs, and trash.

To deserve your date, we require a $4,000 deposit as well as a signature on your contract.

The rental time begins at 1 pm and will go until midnight, with your event ending at 11 pm. At midnight, all personal items and party members must be out of the building.

Music and festivities will conclude at 11 pm. All personal items and guests must be out by midnight. Our staff will handle cleanup of our provided items, tables and chairs, and trash. 

Yes, with the all inclusive rental our staff will handle the set up of your floorplan and any items that you have rented from us. We also handle the clean up of the space which includes removing the trash bags from the venue and packaging up our décor. Further cleanup may be purchased through one of our packages.  If you choose to do our “Bring Your Own Planner” package, cleanup is not included. 

The damage deposit is $1,000 and is refundable so long as no damages occur and no policies are broken. Should damage occur/policies be violated we will alert you to this as soon as possible. Anything that occurs over this amount will be collected through your day of insurance or via the credit card on file.

With the rental, we do collect a $1,000 refundable damage deposit that is added to the rental cost. There are no other charges or fees to you unless you decide to add on additional packages or rental items. Please note- we do have to abide by Ohio state tax, so that will be reflected on your contract.

The venue will have a staff member present to ensure that the floorplan is set up according to what was on file and that items provided by the venue are set up. Venue staff members do not handle the placement of outside items and decorations unless additional packages are purchased.

We are partnered with a linen provider and include 20 132” round linens in black, white, or ivory, as well as 8 linens for our high-tops. If you would like to rent additional linens, get linens in another color, etc., please contact us and let us know. There will be an additional fee based on any upgrades you may make. Rental Package B does not included linens. 

None! We know this is your special day and do not hold more than your event on the day you have chosen.

We welcome and encourage site visits! Come as many times as you’d like, but please set up an appointment. We are unable to see clients without an appointment.

We do have a list of preferred caterers that you can choose from, or you can bring in an outside caterer. Each caterer must read and sign our agreement that outlines our policies before they are allowed to provide services here. 

Yes! Each rental comes with a built in All-Inclusive package. With this, your assigned day of coordinator will be there at the time of your arrival until the last formality of the evening.

Yes, and the lot is paved!

Bathrooms are serviced once an hour, or when needed. Staff does not handle food or bar trash, however.

We are lucky enough to have our main hall, lounge, and covered patio. All three locations can be used in the event that a Plan B is needed! The main hall can seat 280 guests alone!

Alcohol is allowed as long as it is served by a bartender from our approved list or through your caterer. We do not allow shots or drinking games.

Yes! We have a suite inside the main hall as well as a second suite that is separate from the main facility. Both suites include full bathrooms, areas for getting dressed, and outdoor access.

The main hall of the building can accommodate 280 guests once seated at reception tables. An additional 75 guest can fit in the lounge. The total capacity of the two spaces is 350. We do have a covered patio which does allow for additional seating.

Yes, we do have a built-in bar that is located towards the entrance of the main hall as well as a bar located in the cocktail lounge. 

Yes, we do have a large coat closet located near the front entrance.

Yes, we do require day of event insurance to cover anything that may exceed the refundable damage deposit. This can be purchased from your homeowners or renters’ insurance, or through a third party like Markel.

Typically, rehearsals are held the Thursday prior to your event date and will take place from 4-5, 5-6, or 6-7. This will be confirmed one month prior and is subject to venue availability. There is also an option for them to be held the day before you wedding at 11:30. This is subject to availability. 

Yes, candles are allowed as long as they are enclosed in a glass, votive, or other object that has the wick covered from outside elements. Candles are not permitted on the ground, windowsills, or places where they could be easily knocked over.

Items can be hung from the rafters, walls, or ceilings as long as items hung up are non-damaging to the wood and other building structures. Items used to hang decorations (ex: command strips) must be removed at the end of the night or a deduction from the deposit may occur.

The caterers have their own kitchen located back towards the lounge area. This catering kitchen is equipped with commercial fridge, an oven, warmer, ice machine, and microwave. We do not have a stove.

Yes, the dairy barn is included with the rental of the site. It’s a great place to relax and unwind after your big day! Access is granted at 4 pm and check out of the space is at 10 am the following morning.

The space is both air conditioned and heated.

We will give you access to our floorplan program that has our space drawn to scale. From there you can set up the floorplan of your dreams! We will also sit down with you and help you construct a draft of the floorplan to make alterations easier as planning progresses.

We have a covered patio as well as a meadow area. The covered patio is located directly off the lounge. The meadow ceremony area is not covered but does have a pergola. We have 350 outdoor chairs that are included in the rental as well.

We do not allow any sparklers, items with heat or fire, confetti, or glitter. The only items allowed for send offs are those that are biodegradable or without heat/fire. Examples: light up balloons, glowing items, and cold sparklers.

Dairy Barn

You can gain access to the Dairy Barn at 4 pm.

Check out will be the day following your event at 10 am.

The Dairy Barn includes sleeping arrangements for 14, 3.5 bathrooms, a living area, TV, heating and air, and more!

Yes, additional guests are allowed to visit the space, but no more than the allotted number of people (14) are allowed to sleep over in the space.

Yes, should you go over the checkout time an additional fee of $450/hour will be charged or come out of your refundable deposit.

Your rental fee will go towards the payment of the Dairy Barn. We will also use your refundable deposit to cover any damages or breaking of policies that occur in this space. We do keep a credit card on file for any breaking of policies that may go over the $1000 in both this space and the main facility.

Yes, our Dairy Barn is an active AirBnB as well! Also, Friday couple’s may book the Dairy Barn on Thursday night as well (subject to availability). Additional Thursday rentals cannot be added until 30 days prior. 

Willow - A Floral Design Company

Our Florist is located on the property! It’s an ideal location for consultations and delivery.

No, we will make it all for you! We will sit down and meet with you, discuss your vision and get everything handled for you.

Nope! Since the florist is on site, we will take everything to the venue and set it up.

Yes, we do require that a minimum order of $1,500 be placed.

We can do anything! Centerpieces, arbors, mantels, staircases, and more!

No, at this time we only serve our venue’s clients. Not only do we service our clients with florals, but we are also a great location for bridal showers of up to 24 people! 

Yes, we do have a gift store in our flower shop! The gift shop has great items for your bridal party, parents, and wedding.

Yes, we require a down deposit of $250 that will go towards your final balance.

Orders must be finalized 2 months prior to your event day.

Yes, our staff will set up the flower arrangements purchased through our florist, as long as instructions are given prior.